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I was definitely a little late for work today. I returned from Las Vegas rather late, and I didn't fall asleep until about 3:00AM. I was going to shower this morning, so I set my alarm clock for 5:00AM. I also set it for 5:15AM and 5:30AM. I slept through all of them. I didn't get out of bed until 6:40AM! I was supposed to be at work at 6:30AM! Fortunately, it's not a big deal if I get there at 7:00AM. I got dressed as quickly as possible and left the house while I was still pretty much asleep.

Work wasn't that bad since I got to work with Jennifer. Working with Sharlene is a pain in the ass. She complains all freakin' day. I love working with Jennifer, though. She's really calm. I like calm people. She's a lot easier to work with.

Yeah, 4 of our horses definitely got out this morning. Somebody busted through the fence, and all 4 of them left their paddocks. Nemo and Cooper were running around like idiots in the backyard of the house that's next to their paddock. Milton and Henry were grazing right outside of their paddock on the opposite side of Nemo and Cooper. Anyway, although we were freaking out because of them being so close to the road, we had no problem catching them. There really is never a dull moment, huh?

Shirley is at her new home. Mary bought a new horse the other day. It's a 1 1/2-year-old colt. It's already broken, but green. 1 1/2-years-old sure does seem like a young age to break a horse. He's about 16.1 hands at the moment, and he'll probably mature to be 17.0 hands. Ummm, Courtney bought Mojo. Pam is thinking about getting another baby. And, well, Meghan and I are just waiting for a little less than 2 weeks for my horse and her pony to arrive. The man is returning from Europe on the 10th, and he's going to ride them for a few days. So, it'll probably be about 10 days before they come to the barn. I'm so flippin' excited!

♥ Emily
I don't really have time to reply to comments or read through my FL right now. I thought that I'd update on the final verdict of Rembrandt. Well, not quite the final verdit, I guess. Anyway, we are going to leave Rembrandt and Camelot in Florida for 2 weeks to allow them to get settled in and ridden before they come to Virginia for me and Meghan to try. I hate waiting!

♥ Emily
Well, Las Vegas is great. I miss the barn and the people at the barn like crazy, though! The hotel is awesome. The food is awesome. The casinos are awesome. It's a pretty neat place.

I talked to my dad about Rembrandt yesterday, and he just wasn't very excited. I was kind of upset that he wasn't excited, because I've seen how excited Meghan's parents are about Camelot. I just want my dad to be that involved with my love for horses, too.

Anyway, I showed him another picture of Rembrandt just a few minutes ago. He seemed a little more excited. He was asking questions and whatnot. So, once we get home, we'll figure out the details, and Rembrandt and Camelot will be on their way to Virginia.

♥ Emily

Okay, I probably shouldn't get too excited until Rembrandt is actually here in Virginia, but I can't help myself! Pam talked to Michael, the man who has Rembrandt at his stable right now, and he said that we could bring Rembrandt and Camelot, Meghan's pony, home for a 10-day trial. That way, we'll really be able to get to know the horse and pony to decide if we actually want to buy them.

I even picked out a name for him if I decide that I love him enough to buy him. Best of Lux would be is show name. Lux would just be his barn name... even though that's his sire's name.

Anyway, I just wanted to share.

I have to leave tomorrow morning for Las Vegas. Won't be back until Sunday night. Ugh, and I have to work on Monday. That won't be any fun. Plus, I'll be dying from suspense of the arrival of the pony and horse.

♥ Emily
I'm starting to get pretty excited about Rembrandt. I really, really, really hope that I love him when I ride him in a few weeks. Quiet and comfortable. That's what I'm hoping for. Meghan is so excited about going to Florida with us to try her pony. She really just found out that she was selling Mia a couple of days ago. She's taking it really well. I think that she's ready to let Mia do her job for another child. Plus, Camelot is a freakin' nice pony! I'd be excited, too! I did a little research on Rembrandt's sire. His sire is Lux Z. From what I can tell, it looks like Rembrandt has fantastic bloodlines. Sadly, I do not know who Rembrandt's dam is. On his sire's side, however, he has great bloodlines.

I have to work tomorrow. I got the stalls of the school horses cleaned tonight just to make tomorrow go by faster. I keep having to remind myself that working at the barn is what I really wanted to do.

Anyway, I found some pictures of Lux Z. I'll also post a couple of Camelot, the pony that Meghan is looking at. Camelot and Rembrandt are flying to Florida from Europe right now. Meghan was cute. She came up to me today, and she said, "Maybe we can turn your horse and my pony out together since they are flying with each other on the plane?"

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*Drools* I hope that Rembrandt can jump as cute as his daddy!

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♥ Emily
I still randomly burst into tears when I think about my Calvin. And it sucks. I just want to stop crying. I hate feeling like this.

♥ Emily
I thought that you all might be interested in seeing the horse that I'm going to try in a couple of weeks. We are sort of putting Key Largo to the side right now. We are going to Florida to see Rembrandt before we look at anything else. Meghan is looking for a new large pony, too, and the pony that she's looking at is at the same barn.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Name: Rembrant
Color: Steel Gray
Height: 16.0 Hands
Age: Coming 7-Years-Old in January
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Dutch Warmblood

He looks fairly easy, quiet, and compact. He's being flown from Holland to Florida on Monday. I like the looks of him. His changes looked extremely easy. He was already vetted, and it went really well.

I had an interesting day at the barn. Ernie busted out of his paddock while I was watching a movie upstairs with Pam and Heather. The neighbor called us to let us know, and we ran downstairs to catch Ernie. He ran around like a wild man, which got his buddy stirred up. Moose busted the gate down, but he didn't leave the paddock. We caught Ernie after some running around. Fixed the fence boards, and that was that. It's never a dull day around horses, huh?

♥ Emily
Work hasn't been easy lately. Heather and I worked all during the day, and when we found out that Tina didn't have anyone working with her tomorrow, we cleaned all of the stalls, fed, and hayed. I mean, it's a lot of work for one person, so we tried to help out a little.

We got the video of the gray gelding from Florida. He's pretty handsome. I'm no expert, but he just didn't look like he moved as well as the other horses that we've looked at. The footing was really deep, and we were told that he had steel shoes on at the time, so maybe he really does move better with better footing and aluminum shoes? I don't know. I guess that we'll find out. He's 7-years-old, and he just got in from Europe a few days ago. As long as my dad doesn't mind, Pam and I will probably fly back down to Florida to look at him. He already had a vet check, and it went really well.

Pam got a new bike, and she really wanted to ride to Target. She was going to go alone, though. So, I volunteered to go with her. I rode a silly bike with high handle bars and a basket on the front. It was definitely an amusing sight. My trainer sure can be strange. I love her to death, though.

So, we have a 1 1/2-year-old Popeye K filly at the barn. She's the love of Pam's life. Heather has been sitting on her back in her stall for months now. Valentine is perfectly fine with it. She turns her head to look at Heather. It's really cute. It's almost as if she's saying, "What's this on my back?" Heather only weighs about 100 pounds, so Valentine K probably barely feels her while she's on her back. Well, we put a saddle on Valentine today. Once we put the saddle and girth on, we walked her around her stall to see how she'd be. She was perfect. She could've cared less. Then we put Heather on Valentine's back. Still perfect. We got brave and walked Valentine out of her stall with Heather on. She was awesome! Allie and I stood on each side if Heather needed to bail. Pam walked Valentine. She was really, really good. I was so proud of her! I think that she'll be pretty easy to break when the time comes. We're just trying to get her acquainted with the feeling of someone being on her back. It's not something that we'll do daily, but every once in a while. Valentine K was turned out at night for the very first time. It's her first time spending the night in a paddock. Our little baby is growing up!

I have pictures! Not too many, though. I tend to give nicknames to all of the horses, so I'll include them for your amusement.

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♥ Emily
Work sucked a big one today!

We left the horses in last night since it was supposed to be really rainy, windy, and cold. After seeing the paddocks this morning, I suppose that it's good that we left them in, but cleaning all of those stalls was a lot of freakin' work. Heather and I also had to do Thanksgiving with our families, so we had to finish as quickly as we could. The other women who worked the day before didn't dry the horses' blankets or anything, so we had to do them all today before we turned them out. The majority of the horses barely had any shavings either. We need better help at the barn.

Heather and I are working tomorrow, too. The stalls won't be too bad since we already did the big barn before we left. Oh, well. At least I'm getting paid. I get to be at the barn all day, too.

So, the DVD of the gray horse should arrive tomorrow. If we don't like it on the DVD, we are going to see if we can have Key Largo shipped to us for a few days for a trial. If we do like him, we'll go to Florida and see him. I'm ready to have my own horse again.


♥ Emily
It fucking sucks to look through pictures of your dead horse to send to the insurance company. Not to mention that fact that I had to look through the pictures of his hoof after they cut it off. All for insurance reasons. I miss my baby.

♥ Emily