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This is the "official notice", I suppose.
As many of you know, some people on LJ aren't very nice
I've run into a few of those people. I honestly don't have
a cruel bone in my body, and I would rather not deal with
people who live to bitch rather heartlessly at me and/or
others. So, just comment if you'd like to be added.

Thank You!

EDIT: I have recently "cleaned up" my
FL, and I removed everyone who didn't have me
listed as their friend. If I removed you from
my FL, and you would like to be added, please
add me as your friend and comment again to
be added to my FL! Thanks!

♥ Emily ♥
Hi! I noticed you're the maintainer on the_barn_help. I just joined :) I wish it was more active though! Is there anyone to generate interest in it again?
I'm not really sure. I don't actually check it out much. I should post there more often. :-) Maybe that'll get it more active.
That would be fun!

When I'm working at the barn I always think of things I should ask in the community, haha, and then forget by the time I'm online :(
So be it
Out of respect to extendedtrot I'll post this here and not in our random commenting in her journal. Just wanted to show you that we kind of have blaze twins..well not twins but...ah, here!
A line of Chrome

Consequently, since I'm here, want to be friends?

Edited at 2008-07-24 02:13 am (UTC)
Awww! Too cute! I've added you. :-)
hey there! i found you while looking at other friends ljs and what not and remember seeing your posts before in equestraina dn remembed liking them. i'm no longer very involved in the horse world, but i love having new friends on lj where i can read about them and their horses (makes me still feel connected at least a little bit). i've added you, and was wondering if you'd add me back? if not, that's okay i can take you off...
Added you back, darling. :-)