I just haven't been able to wake up for work lately. Before the trip to Vegas, I was getting to work at 6:30AM or earlier. Now I'm not getting there until around 7:00AM. I'm just exhausted from Las Vegas, I guess. Work isn't exactly easy, anyway.

Nothing too eventful happened today. Ernie broke through the fence again. Moose is such a good boy. He never leaves the paddock when Ernie breaks the fence down. He's either a good boy or a crayon short of a box. I have a feeling it's the latter. Those Warmbloods...

Haha, I hope that mine is a little smarter than some of the Warmbloods that we have!

Jesse was really lame today. We're thinking that it's an abcess. Poor horse. I always feel so bad for the horses from the school. He got to stay in his stall tonight! I'm sure that he'll be thrilled with that.

I really don't know the exact date that Rembrandt is arriving, but I'm going to do a countdown...


♥ Emily