I work with a Shavings Nazi. Pam doesn't give a crap about how many shavings we give, so I don't understand why Charlene can't suck it up and put shavings in the stalls that need them. She complains to me all day, too! For the most part, she's a nice woman. She just drives me crazy.

Horses are such strange animals. The jump standards and poles having been sitting outside of the ring for 4 days. I expected a few horses to spook at the while walking by the 1st time, and they did. After walking by probably 10 times and even being ridden in the ring, I figured that they would be fine. Everybody, except for Jack, was perfect. Jack spooked pretty badly, and he knocked his hoof really hard into the back of my left heel. Well, it was really my achilles tendon. Hurts like a bitch. It's all swollen and bruised now. This is my 1st week of official work, and I already got hurt! For such large animals, you would think that they would be a little braver, huh?

So, the vet who did Calvin's necropsy report hadn't sent it in to the insurance company. That's why the check hasn't come yet. No check equals no new horse. Anyway, he came today to look at Valentine, and he told us that he sent it in yesterday. Pam and Ashlee started having 2nd thoughts about Meghan's pony. Michael told us that the pony was very green. He called yesterday to give Pam an update about them. Rembrandt has been perfect! He said that he's been absolutely wonderful, and we can have him shipped as soon as we can pay him in full. If I don't like Rembrandt, he gets his horse back, and we get our money back. The people who were supposed to buy Mia decided that they weren't going to, so Meghan isn't going to be able to buy Camelot, anyway. If he's that green, it wouldn't have worked out. Just like that 1st gray mare that I looked at. If something goes wrong, it wasn't meant to be.

Anyway, I'm really excited. I just wish that the check would get here really soon! We could have Rembrandt shipped home in a few days if we had the check to send now.

♥ Emily