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Well, Micheal sent the contract to us. My dad signed it. All we're waiting for now... is the check. Gah! I'm so excited and impatient!

I had a photoshoot with Meredith today. She got accepted into UVA, and she wanted to wear her UVA Santa hat and take Christmas photos with her horse, Reggie. Some of them turned out pretty well. Anyway, here they are...

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Is that not the cutest puppy ever? Her name is Reese. Since Camelot, the pony, didn't work out for Meghan, her parents got her a Yorkie puppy. She is absolutely adorable!

♥ Emily
WELL. I was in the processing of commenting on your post in equestrian, but it was deleted. Therefore:
Those pictures are lovely! Reggie is cute -- I don't see him as the heffer people are making him out to be. He looks quite happy :)

I'm glad things are moving along for you, I'd be so excited! Also, I agree with the whole "investment, blah blah" speech that you've been getting in regards to your father's spending habits, but I can relate. My mother does the same thing in that she refuses to help pay for my semester's books, but the next time I'm home she surprises me with several pairs of shoes. It's kind of baffling.

May I ask what camera these were taken with?

I cannot believe the level of immaturity in that community. Regardless of whether people think you are spoiled, it is just as innappropriate of them to respond in such a way. I wish I had the money for any horse at the moment, let alone a pricey one, but that's just not where I'm at right now and I don't see any reason to hold it against you that you have the opportunity and parents who will support you, even if they do make snarky comments about the price :)

I don't want to carry any drama over to your personal drama, so I'm hoping that no one flames here as well. I just wanted you to know that we're not all so insecure that we can't be happy for you.
Well, at least you aren't coming over here and being a bitch! Hah, yeah, I just deleted it. They'll probably raise Hell about that, too. I put up another post. I'm not sure how people will respond to it. I'm an honest person, so hopefully some of them will see that.

I took those pictures with a Canon Digital Rebel XT. It's a great camera. I love, love, love it. The shutter speed is so fast that you can take pictures of horses jumping or running, etc. without them being blurry.

Thank you for not being mean! :-)
check your email...you should really consider going private with your journal. Mostly because you can't talk about people as if they can't read something when they actively CAN.

Seriously, though, that post got ridiculous.
I have a Rebel, too...love it!
Isn't it great? Still haven't figured everything out, though. :-S

Yes, I'm thinking about making everything Friends Only... or private. Depends on the entry, I guess.

Thanks for the e-mail. Definitely gave me some things to think about.
Yes yes, friends only is what I meant. For the more...personal opinions, I guess. Point being you never know who is reading and how it'll affect you by them knowing and you not knowing they know. (LOL...if that makes sense)
Rebel XT, eh? I've been looking at them and thus far haven't seen any reason why I shouldn't go for it.

My biggest hesitation, I suppose, is that I've been content enough with my powershot... It's just that I hate not being able to adjust things and it really isn't very good for action shots.

I really love Canon cameras, though. They're fantastic.

(oh, and no problem :)
I'm a little lost as far as what has been going on with Remi as I only joined Equestrian community a little while ago. However, I'm sorry you had to send him back, I'm sure if you had more time with him the issue would have either been worked out or a solid "no". It's the uncertainty of "can this be worked out" that is hard, because you're not given the time to find out. I have no idea what level of riding you do, or your experience with horses, but many of the comments (if you remove the rude tone) are really intelligent thoughts you might want to take into consideration. I've never really had money, my family struggles somewhat, but you may want to talk to your dad about this "investment". If he's anything like my dad he won't listen a bit, but it will make you feel better having said it. Perhaps explain to him chemistry between horse and rider and also the emotional ties. To you this new horse isn't and "investment". He (she) is a friend, a partner, and a collegue.