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Okay, I'm doing this for fun. I'm going to post the links to all of the new crap that I'm going to buy Remi. Of course, there is always a chance that I won't like him. If he's as well-behaved as Michael says he is, however, I'm sure that I'll get him. They were honest about the pony being too green, so I'm sure that they are being honest about Remi. Obviously, it'll take me quite a bit of time to afford all new clothes, boots, etc.

He will be getting a pair of Dover Pro Sport Boots. In white, of course. I mean, I think that steel gray horses look awesome with white polo wraps or splint boots.

He will be on Strongid C. We already use that for all of our horses. I didn't give Calvin any supplements, but I definitely want to use supplements for this boy. We already have all of our horses on a joint supplement. I'm not sure how to spell it, though. Adaquan? Something like that. I'm not sure which supplement, but I'll put him on something for his hooves. I might put him on Mira-Coat or something like it. Heather uses Mira-Coat for Grace, and she shines like nothing I've seen before. Then again, Remi is gray. Gray horses don't really shine that much, do they? I'll probably give him Vitamin E capsules, too. If he'll eat all of that crap. I'm crazy, huh? In the end, I'll probably only put him on some of those supplements. Oh, and I can't forget Quiessance. I'll probably use that on him, too.

Of course, I'll get Miracle Groom. It worked great on Calvin! Especially on his tail!

I would like to get this Hunter/Jumper Schooling Saddle Pad for Remi and put a Mattes All Purpose Half Saddle Pad over it. Oh, and I forgot to mention that light blue is Remi's color. Everything that he wears is going to be light blue. Unless we are showing, of course.

Okay, I'm going to start doing bullets...

  • Dover's No Bows Wraps
  • Hoof Heal (I love the smell of Hoof Heal for some reason!)
  • These Power Flex Elastic Bandages look like fun!
  • Ichthammol Dressing
  • Tzon Wound Cream
  • Uptite Poultice
  • PVC Glitter Bell Boots
  • SmartPakEquine SmartBlue Thinsulate Turnout Blanket

    Okay, I'm too tired to go on. I'm sure that you get the point. I'm going all out for this horse.

    ♥ Emily
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    If you like white boots, you should check out the all white Woofs. I swear by Woof boots and I think they're awesome in white :) I also have the Dover ones, in brown, and my horse ripped them to shit in like 2 days so I hardly got to use them! Sounds like Remi is going to have lots of cool stuff. I hope you'll like him!
    I second the Woofs holding up better. I've destroyed several pairs of Dover boots. Woof also makes a black pair with light blue straps :)

    Dover's brand quilted saddle pads (that are always in the sale catalogue for $9.99) come in light blue and they last forever! I use them for my every-day schooling pads and I've got some that are 3-4 years old and still going strong

    Be careful with the glitter bell boots -- my horse got terrible rubs from them!
    I had my horse on quiessence for awhile and it worked really well. I loved that stuff.
    Now he is on strongid C, vit E, and a joint supplement. We just have to watch what we give him due to Cushings.

    If you are planning on putting your horse on so many supplements (probably mainly unneccessary if he is so young, but it can't hurt) then Smartpak is a good way to go. It's expensive, but easy and reliable. But im sure your barn is already familiar with it.

    And yea for glitter bell boots! Everyone laughs at me when I put Noble into purple glitter ones, but i think it makes the old man look studly. When I buy bells, I always run my finger on the inside of the lip, to make sure it would be smooth against the horse's skin. Some boots come out with an uneven, rough lining and I steer away from those. So maybe thats what happened to the person above. My guy has had bells for a long while and hasn't had a real problem with them.

    And you took my suggestion on the SmartBlue blanket, nice! I have no clue what kind of blanket it really is, but is sure looks nice.

    Horse shopping is fun, isn't it? Of course im at the point with my horse where there really isn't anything else I need. But I still like to "ooo" and "ahhh" over things in the catalogue. I think I will try the Miracle Groom though. I usually use vetrolin shine, but im always up for something new. Noble's tail is on the ground and I want to keep it looking nice.
    As for supplements:
    Continuex is the exact same thing as Strongid, except less expensive. They also have a colic guarantee where if your horse colics while on continuex they cover it, AND they provide two free tubes of ivermectin for spring and summer. Way more value for much less money.

    An excellent supplement for overall horse health, which focuses on maintaining digestive health, getting the most nutrients out of what your are feeding your horse, and preventing ulcers is Succeed. It is designed to alleviate the stresses of show horse life. It also makes them fat, slick and shiny, so it's like Mira-Coat AND a general digestive health supplement all in one. My horses developed a noticable show bloom after being on it for three weeks, and Alphy is more cheerful under saddle so we suspect it addressed some tummy woes that were brewing.

    There is no reason to add a hoof supplement in unless your farrier says he has crappy feet and needs it.

    An excellent maintenance joint supplement is HylaRx, if he is young and doing a lot of work on a young body you might want to inject him on top to prevent problems.

    (Btw, I walk all this talk. My horse's smart paks contain Continuex, Succeed, Vit e & Selenium, and HylaRx.)

    Also, for his back, and having ridden in both, I much much MUCH prefer a Supracor pad to a Mattes pad. It is cleaner, easier to keep clean, provides better temperature control, and better shock absorption while taking up less space under the saddle, and if you get the h/j one there is a little extra shock absorbtion in the shoulder area. Sitting the trot with a Supracor is noticably more comfortable/easy than sitting the trot without one. The mattes pad just takes up space, makes your horse sweat more, get really dirty and then is difficult to wash, and does nothing of real merit for either of you.

    I have the dover sport fleece boots for turnout, they are just fine and hold up really well. I prefer my eskadrons to ride in though, because they protect the tendons from interference with the other legs, while still being basically open in front so the horse stays careful while he jumps. Also, they are extraordinarily easy to clean- I power jet them with a hose and then leave them to dry, if they are still damp for the next ride I toss them in the dryer while I groom and voila. If you are going to get white dover boots, I recommend getting three pairs, as they will turn pink in two seconds flat in Virginia and nothing looks less professional than dirty white boots. You will want to have one pair in the laundry, one pair in the dryer, and one pair to ride in. Especially if you use the fuzzy ones, you'll want to wash them every other day AT LEAST because otherwise grit gets in them and can irritate the legs. Keep in mind too that white boots are very 'dressage-y'. Have you noticed I'm a freak about clean?

    Another excellent way to spoil your horse is to get him the ice-horse ice boots to put on his legs after a ride.

    I wouldn't get any of the ichtamol or wound stuff until he ACTUALLY injures himself, you can probably borrow some for the first day and that way if it's six months later you won't have old nasty icthamol sitting around.

    I hope this wasn't an annoying post, I post merely as someone who has used and evaluated all of the products I mentioned and there are some that really aren't worth the money and some that really, really are.