The check is being sent on Monday! It probably won't get to us until Wednesday, at the earliest, and my dad is going to be out of town until Sunday! He's leaving on Wednesday. Grrr! Pam and I are trying to figure out a way to have the horse sent as soon as we get the check.

Work sucked today. We had to get there really early, because a bunch of trucks were coming to dump some new sand into the big ring. We obviously couldn't bring in horses from the front fields with all of the loud trucks. We had to clean their stalls with them in them, too. That's never fun. Pam asked me if I wanted to go to the bank with her, and I told her that I still had to help Charlene sweep the barn. She told me that I could sweep when I got back. I left a note for Charlene that said where I was and that I'd sweep when I got back. Charlene had a fit. First off all, all we had left was sweeping. Secondly, Charlene gets paid more than me. She can most certainly do more work than me if she gets paid more. Thirdly, she has no room to bitch. Her daughter, Jennifer, used to leave the barn all of the time, leaving Charlene to do it all by herself.

If Pam weren't the owner of the barn, it would've been different. Obviously, I can't just go off with my friends in the middle of work. Charlene drives me fucking crazy.

I can't wait for Remi (Rembrandt) to come!

♥ Emily